Lindsay Galvin – Author

I live by the sea with my two sons and husband and am owned by two very fluffy cats who do not appreciate having their photo taken.

I teach Science part-time, but my degree is English Literature.

I haven’t written my whole life, I discovered I loved it in 2012 and haven’t stopped since.

I used to have lots of travel adventures and worked in Thailand for two years. I learned to dive there, and have never quite surfaced in my head.

My dream food is spicy noodle soup. I loathe any TV or film where people have to eat something horrible. I can’t watch.

I have only broken one bone. My nose.  I was thirteen and trying to surf and knocked myself out. It provided my younger brother with an excellent chance to be a hero and drag me from the waves. He still owes me for that.

I sometimes struggle with anxiety. I’ve had panic attacks and had a miserable time in my first years of secondary school when I didn’t know what anxiety was. Now I’ve learned ways to help myself feel better, so anxiety doesn’t stop me very often.

I am not a morning person. My sons call me gigantopithecus in the mornings. Gigantopithecus was a prehistoric ape often portrayed as slightly grumpy. I think the comparison is a little harsh. Grunt.